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Nov/Dec 2015
Yellow Breeches Creek, PA
By John Hoffman

“The Breeches,” as it is affectionately known by locals, holds a special place in my heart and mind—most notably because it was the first Pennsylvania limestone stream I fished. And through the years...

Capture Your Catch
By Joe Janiak

Between print publications and the rise of blogs, e-zines, and social media sites like Instagram and Facebook, fish photography is ubiquitous. And nearly every angler carries a camera whether a...

Threadfin Shad: A Movable Feast
By Pete Elkin

Dorosoma petenense. Can we be honest here—yet another dusty Latinate pretension for a common baitfish? Just as I reached for the mental snooze , part of the genus tag nudged an old memory of...

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