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Jan/Feb 2018
Hilltop Lake, WA
By Steve Maeder

Anticipation ran high as I rolled the tumblers on the locked gate across the road to Hilltop Lake. Just two weeks prior, I had strolled into Red's Fly Shop and bumped into owner Steve Joyce, who was...

Upper Powder River, WY
By Jeff Erickson

Like legendary outlaws, intrepid fly anglers crave outposts where they can periodically escape, but in their case it’s from marquee waters, ostentatious attitudes, and endless drift boat...

Fish Food: Carp Candy
By Dennis Collier

In 1997, Barry Reynolds, Brad Befus, and John Berryman published Carp on the Fly: A Flyfishing Guide, illuminating the small, cultlike band of American fly fishers who clandestinely pursued...

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